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Contest Judge

Tom Sewe

Dr. Tom Sewe is a practicing Family Physician who devotes his days to medical practice and nights to Literature. Besides his medical training, he is also an alumnus of the Creative Writing program at the Wesleyan University (USA). He is a published novelist, and had his debut novel, A BLOOD ODYSSEY, published by Ashwell Publishing Ltd (UK) in 2020. He is also an award-wining and published essayist. He has numerous short stories under his penmanship in various genres including fiction, fantasy, allegory, philosophy and Sci-Fi. Most recently, his short story WHO KNOWS INKANYAMBA won the first prize award for the KANAC International Creative Writing Competition in 2021. Before venturing into narrative prose, he extensively wrote poetry. He is currently working on his anthology of short stories. His hobbies include playing the violin, listening to classical and opera music, traveling, reading, and writing. He lives in Nairobi with his wife and cat.

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